A next-gen Practice Management System is coming

At Airclinix, practitioners are solving some of the biggest challenges facing out-of-hospital healthcare by building a new category of Practice Management System.

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A new category of PMS

Behind the development of Airclinix is a group of practitioners on a mission to modernise, streamline and automate practices so that GP’s, Medical & Surgical Specialists, Allied Health practitioners and nurses, can set up a clinic, telehealth or home visit practice instantly from their mobile phone.

Airclinix is transforming care by connecting patients with their entire care team in a single digital care ecosystem where new levels of collaboration between practitioners and patients are made possible.

Are you a practitioner? Do you want to help shape the future of practice technology?

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What problems are we solving?

The Practice Management System (PMS) has been around for several decades but its rate of innovation has not matched the significant technological advances that have occurred over the same period. Here are some of the key problems we are solving:

Dated, cluttered & unintuitive UI/UX

Inability to customise clinical workflows

Patient engagement is scarce

Data is siloed in each clinic

Patients have no data access or control

Automation is rare. Everything is manual.

PMSs don't speak to each other

Not built for collaboration between teams

High practice admin costs

Airclinix Academy Members

Practitioners are leading the way

Airclinix Academy Members

We have an opportunity to do this so much better. That’s why we, as practitioners, are taking a lead in funding, designing and building a better healthcare experience for ourselves and our patients.

Practitioners from every speciality are joining our Academy and working hand-in-hand with our engineers to build the Airclinix platform.

Are you a practitioner who wants to mould the technology on which you provide care to your patients? If so, get in touch to learn more about how you can get involved!

Founded by Doctors

Airclinix was founded by Dr Mike Patton and Dr Richie Austerberry who turned their hands to coding and established their own health services in which to build and test highly innovative PMS technology.

They have spent 9 years gaining a deep understanding of the problems with existing PMS technology and creating a vision for how to build a new system that can achieve a paradigm shift in healthcare provision.

They are always eager to speak to practitioners! Have ideas? Want to meet the team behind Airclinix? We're here to listen and connect. Schedule a meeting with our co-founder Dr Richie Austerberry!

We're well on our way

Animation of a care pathway being constructed using modules.

Airclinix is not just an idea. 60,000 GP home visit and telehealth consultations have already been provided on the platform.

The platform has also enabled innovative models of care, such as Perth Home GP – a Home GP service bringing care to vulnerable patients with poor access to GP clinics.

Airclinix will be commercialised by the end of 2024. We will be offering the Airclinix community the chance to come onboard as early adopters in Q3/4 2024.*

* Limited spots available. Preference will be given to Academy Members and community subscribers.

Animation of a care pathway being constructed using modules.

Stay updated or get involved!

If you’d like to be kept updated about Airclinix including information about platform features, release dates and early adopter opportunities, please join our community mailing list.

If you're a practitioner frustrated by current PMS technology and want to help design Airclinix we'd love to hear from you! You don't need any formal software development training, just a passion for solving the issues that frustrate you each day. Tick the checkbox on the form and we'll be in touch!

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